Gender and Good Governance

EFZ in collaboration with its donor, Norwegian Church Aid (NCA), have been working together for the last few years on issues around gender and good governance in Zambia. A major stepping stone for EFZ, and the church mother bodies, was the signing of the Zambian Church Declaration on Gender Injustice and Gender-Based Violence (GBV), in 2009.
It is from this achievement and commitment that EFZ’s program therefore aims at eradicating Gender Injustice (GI) and GBV through training and sensitization in the church and communities. These efforts are to be seen as an ongoing process as church members act as the change agents promoting gender equity, equality, good governance and human rights in the churches.

EFZ has to this regard has been involved in participating and raising awareness around campaigns such as International Women’s Day (IWD) and the 16 Days of activism against GBV. Program officers have been organizing training workshops for theological students, lay church leaders, the clergy and the youth with the intention of increasing participation and providing a safe space to handle GBV or GI within their own institutions and society.